Tenants moving in?

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First time rental? What kind of report do you need? What about when tenants move out?


An inventory is an accurate objective and detailed written description of the interior of a property, including the condition of walls, ceilings, floors/carpets, paintwork, windows, curtains, blinds, light & electrical fittings, radiators and any furniture etc, by using an impartial inventory company report will allow an accurate comparison to be made at the end of the tenancy and is used to prevent or resolve any dispute between landlord and tenant.


To check tenants into the property at the start of a tenancy with an accurate and objective inventory report. During the check-in period, all utility meter readings are noted, and keys handed to the incoming tenant.

Tenants are asked to sign to digitally confirm they accept the condition of the property and the contents of the inventory, the tenant is informed of their obligations on how the property should be maintained, ensuring as far as possible stress free Check-Out, a digital copy of the check in is emailed to incoming tenants to sign off within 7 days, ensuring fairness to both the Landlord and tenant/s, any comments need to be made within 7 days of receipt of the inventory, reports not signed within 7 days will be assumed as fully accepted by the tenant/s

Best value is to have an Inventory Make & Check In carried out at the same time

Tenants moving out?

Check Out


At the end of a tenancy a check out inspection is carried out. It will compare the condition of the property with the original inventory/check in which was prepared at the beginning of the tenancy directly with the condition and contents of the property at the end of the tenancy, tenants should put all furniture/items back to it’s original location as listed in the inventory/check in, please note some agents may charge to move large items of furniture back to the original rooms it was listed in.

Cleaning is often a major area of dispute, if your property was professionally cleaned this will be confirmed in your check in report, the property should be returned professionally cleaned, the clerk will record all the changes to the condition of the property. Check out report will include meter readings, neglect, damage, defects, repair and state of cleaning for the entire property, where an entry is left blank in a check out report it’s assumed the items is in at least the same or similar condition to the check in report listing, additional items of furniture left in the property will be listed, agents may charge for the removal of such items.